Community Activities

  • Weekly worship each Sunday evening
  • Weekly book study
  • Paid summer internships for youth members to work with peace organizations
  • Annual Community Vow of Non-Violence
  • Fall Day of Reflection
  • Spring Day of Renewal
  • School of the Americas annual protest
  • On-going peace vigils

We worship at Faith Mennonite Church, in the Seward neighborhood of Minneapolis, and seek to partner with like-minded communities of faith.

Following is a partial list of our community’s characteristics, values, goals, and
aspirations that help describe us:

  • An intentional focus on nonviolent peacemaking and work for social justice
  • An ecumenical, Christian community that worships regularly together with spirited liturgies that employ good music and inclusive language
  • Decision making by consensus
  • A commitment to outward expression of peacemaking and justice seeking
  • An intention to share a common life through worship
  • Enabling one another to use individuals’ diverse gifts
  • A commitment to inward spiritual journeys through solitude, study, prayer and spiritual direction
  • Shared leadership and responsibilities
  • Open and affirming, celebrating the diversity of all creation
  • We try not to take ourselves too seriously