3/18/2020: All Community of St. Martin gatherings, including worship services and adult ed gatherings are cancelled at least until April 1st because of health concerns realted to Corona Virus. 

The Community of St. Martin, located in the Seward neighborhood of Minneapolis, was established in the fall of 1984 and describes its vision in the following way:

We strive to be an ecumenical Christian community. Rooted in Scripture, sharing worship and ministry, we affirm active nonviolence, love of justice and peace, and the integrity of God’s creation. Acknowledging our complicity in the materialism and oppression of the dominant culture, we seek to practice loving hospitality and care-filled stewardship of God’s gifts of ourselves, land, time and possessions. Through an ongoing process of action and reflection we seek to shape our lives according to our faith and the urgings of the Spirit. We commit ourselves to one another and to the way of Jesus Christ. Our community is open to all who share these values.